3 Types of Patio Door

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3 Types of Patio Door

If you have a patio, one of the most important decisions you have to make is the choice of patio door you would like to install. Therefore, spending a little time to research the types of patio doors available and the costs involved is a small price to pay to make the right decision.

Unlike traditional doors, modern patio doors are more flexible and allow you to customize your door according to your patio opening and other needs. There are three common types of patio doors currently available in the market; the sliding door, French doors, and bi-fold doors. All three types of patio doors have their pros and cons that you have to consider, alongside your other requirements and concerns before purchasing. Let us look deeper into each type of patio door to help you with your decision-making.

1. Sliding patio doors

Sliding doors are simply doors that open by sliding on horizontal tracks installed on the floor below and ceiling above.

Sliding doors can be made from a variety of materials including aluminum, UPVC, steel, and wood. There can be a two to four-panel sliding glass door depending on how large they are.

Advantages of sliding doors

The biggest contribution of the sliding door’s popularity is that they have a sleek and modern look that has made them popular in most homes all across the world. The sliding door design enhances indoor-outdoor living which is currently common in modern house designs.

● The sleek design allows for an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Because of the lack of frames, the doors also allow a maximum amount of daylight into the room.

● Sliding patio doors take up very little space. They only take up part of a wall as they do not need space for swinging. This is especially advantageous where a family has minimal space.

● The doors can be customized to fit your space and design needs.

In the past, the biggest fear about sliding patio doors was security but with the time that is no longer a concern because manufacturers include features like a lock at the top of the door where the panels meet. Multipoint locks can be built into the door where the panels overlap.

2. French patio doors

For a very long time, most homeowners preferred sliding doors and these would be found in almost all homes. In the early 1990s however, sliding patio doors became less popular and paved the way for French doors. And for over 10 years since then, French patio doors became the staple.

French doors are pretty much a pair of swinging doors that open outwards or inwards. The doors are hinged on both sides and open at the center. The double door allows you to open one door, or both doors as you wish.

Unlike other patio doors, French doors have multi-lock systems that make them more secure. French doors are generally rated more expensive than sliding doors. This can be attributed to the multiple frames in French doors.

3. Bi-folding doors

Bi-folding doors fold in or out into panels to open up a space. They allow the most flexibility for a suitable opening. You can completely open up your house onto the yard, patio, or garden with bi-folding doors. Two to seven panels can be fitted into bi-folding patio doors.
Compared to French doors, bi-folding doors take up less space as the doors do not have to swing full way to be fully open. The panels swing and slide into one or two compact panels.
The doors are aesthetically pleasing. The movement they cause when open or closing is likened to that of a concertina.

One aspect of bi-folding doors that you have to remember if you decide to customize bi-folding doors however is that they take a little more time to design and plan and so you have to order them in advance and be patient as you wait for them to be completed.
Bi-folding doors are great for homes that have large patios to infuse extra style and elegance.

The Cost of Replacing a Sliding Patio Door

Replacing After knowing the common types of patio doors, you have to consider the cost of installing and replacing these doors. And if you are keen on stylish and modern touches, then you definitely need to know the cost of replacing a sliding patio door.

Replacing sliding patio doors is one of the smartest choices you could make if you are looking to update the look and feel of your home. Whether you are simply upgrading some features for a better experience for your home or renovating for resale purposes, it is a decision you will not regret. Sliding patio doors improve aesthetics and the chances of you closing that sale.

The price of sliding doors varies according to material, size, number of panels, and manufacturer. Here in the United States, you may want to put aside an average of $1500-$2760 for labor only, and about $300-$5500 for buying the door. There are also other hidden costs of replacing a sliding door that you will have to cater to, for example, the cost of uninstalling the door that is already in place and transportation costs. Uninstalling an old door can cost you up to about $400 while transportation costs depend on the distance from the store. It is good to confirm with your contractor or supplier what is covered by the quote they give you. Another tip to get value for your money is to ask for discounts and do market research in your local area to find the best supplier for your sliding patio door.

Regardless of costs, patio doors are worth investing in because the satisfaction you get from being able to transition from indoors to the outdoors with ease will be worth it. Moreover, patio doors add sophistication and beauty to your home. So, do not let cost hinder you from getting that 4-panel sliding door.

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