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Different Types of Windows for Home

Table of Contents Different Types of Windows By open styles Single and double-hung windows Sliding Windows Casement windows Fixed Windows Bay or Bow Windows Awning Windows Arch Windows Transom Windows By materials Wood Aluminum Vinyl Fiberglass The Bottom Line Different Types of Windows While you're looking to replace your old drafty windows, you got tons of options available in the market, from casement to sliding and from fixed to the awning. Besides, there’re number of materials available for the frame and the structure. With such, your decision for the design and style of windows is quite overwhelming. Each type of window serves a specific purpose, and all have their pros and cons. So, to make a well-informed decision, you have...

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Small Modern Prefab Homes Within the Budge Under $50k in Available Flexible Design

Table of Contents Are prefab homes cheaper than general housing? Cabin Style Prefab Homes Modern Style Prefab Homes Let's Help You Are prefab homes cheaper than general housing? You probably had heard a lot about tiny prefab homes or modular homes, and yes, it is cheaper than most housing built with wooden or steel or Brick by 10% to 25%. But looking for a proper prefab small home or house is nothing but easy. There are usually two main types of small prefab homes under $50k by style: cabin style prefab homes VS modern style prefab homes. Readout to know about prefab homes that may interest you. Cabin Style Prefab Homes Cabin-style prefab homes invite you to enjoy a rather...

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The Benefits Of Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors

You probably know that hurricane impact windows can protect your home from high winds and windblown debris blown by a hurricane or tropical storm. You probably also know that they are the only windows that should not be covered by hurricane shutters. You may also know that they can save you money on your monthly insurance premiums due to their extreme ability to keep your home damage-free and safe from both hurricane-force winds and intruders trying to break into your home by breaking windows. But did you know that they can also save you money on your heating and cooling bills?Energy Efficiency: In today's world, anything we can do that helps lower the electricity bill is a bonus. Regular windows...

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