The Pros and Cons of Prefab Homes

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The Pros and Cons of Prefab Homes

You might have heard a lot about prefab homes before you actually get to know this trendy home. Prefab home is not something new but has a long history. The prefab home is produced in one place and delivered to where it was wanted and assembled fast to make a home. It is the way they are built that makes them own the benefits that home buyers like. It’s good to know the pros and cons of prefab homes whether you will go for them or not in the end.

What is a prefab home?

A prefab home, short for prefabricated home, is a home that is pre-made somewhere (usually in the factory of the manufacturer) and delivered to your job site for quick assembly in a short period. To put it simply, it’s a fast-built assembly home.

There are three main types of prefab homes. Manufactured homes are made into sections and you all those pieces to form a home. You can even build a Kit Home even by yourself. A Modular Home usually owns flexible and customized services and a movable foundation. Different from traditional homes, prefab homes own many benefits.

The Pros of Prefab Homes

The reason why more people love prefab homes is that those prefab homes are with many benefits, which is required for a secure and comfortable home.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency matters when it comes to housings or windows. Prefab homes are energy efficient as the seams on the connecting parts seal tightly to one another. Therefore, they can efficiently prevent leaks and airflow and you will have a comfortable inside. What’s more, most prefab homes are made of wood. Wood is a good insulator of heat and looks beautiful.

Shorter Construction Time

Other pros of prefab homes are that they are fast construction. All the sections have been produced in the factory before delivering to your job site. You don’t need to worry about the weather issue since factories can run normally regardless of the weather. All you need to do is simple assembly. Some prefab homes can even be done by yourself. If you are not good at it, it won’t take a professional team a long time to get it done. Normally, it will take 2 - 3 weeks for a small home and a longer period for a bigger home. Either of them will take a shorter time than a stick-built house. If you are hurrying to move into a new home, then a fast-construction prefab home is definitely a good option for you. Some prefab homes are ready for moving once the assembly is done.


Cost is a key factor in buying a house. Many house buyers love prefab homes because they offer friendlier prices than stick-built houses. The price can even be 40% to 50% less than the stick-built home of the same size. Having got all the pieces done in the factory, the assembly takes fewer workers to work in fewer days. For electricity and water systems, prefab homes will cost less to get them done than stick-built homes. That’s why prefab homes are more affordable. A friendlier price is good to make sure the cost is within your budget and that’s what exactly a tight project needs.

Better for the Environment

Prefab homes are pre-made in the factory, and all the rest work that will be done on the job site is only assembly left. That means there will be less noise to the neighbor and no harm to the land. Since the pieces are pre-designed in the factory see, there will be much less waste in construction materials, which is good for the environment. The leftover materials in the factory can be reused in other homes while it’s hard to do so for the stick-built house. Some prefab homes are even movable, so they can go with you if you move. Prefab homes are indeed an environment-friendly house type.

The Cons of Prefab Homes

Prefab homes are not 100% good, and you should be aware of their cons.

Land Costs

Before you build a prefab home, the most important thing is that you need land for it, either you buy it or own it. You should consider the cost of the land when you are calculating the total cost of your prefab homes. Don’t put this to the last step. You will be made when you are about to get your new prefab homes but you don’t even know where your job site will be. Also, you need to make sure you are permitted to build a prefab home on it. And do some research work on the land, watering system, and things you need for building and living in your new home.

More Up-Front Payment

Since all the pieces will be down in the factory before being sent to your job sites. You need to pay most of the payment at the beginning although many prefab home manufacturers also offer loans. This is much different from the situation of buying a new home, in which you can pay a 20% down payment and pay the mortgage by the month. Therefore, you need to prepare enough money for up-front payment at the beginning.

Utilities Hook-Up

You need to think about the land condition, like whether it is level to build a prefab home. And make arrangements for the sewer striker and others. Those things are important but can be also annoying. You can also hire a professional to help with it if you need help.

Buying or building a house is never an easy thing. There are always many factors to consider. Be sure to consult an experienced expert from a good prefab home company whenever you feel like you need help. Those experts have already designed and done many similar prefab homes that are similar to yours. To get appropriate advice for your new home sounds more reasonable as you may not have much experience in housing.

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