Small Modern Prefab Homes Within the Budge Under $50k in Available Flexible Design

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Are prefab homes cheaper than general housing?

You probably had heard a lot about tiny prefab homes or modular homes, and yes, it is cheaper than most housing built with wooden or steel or Brick by 10% to 25%. But looking for a proper prefab small home or house is nothing but easy. There are usually two main types of small prefab homes under $50k by style: cabin style prefab homes VS modern style prefab homes. Readout to know about prefab homes that may interest you.

Cabin Style Prefab Homes

Cabin-style prefab homes invite you to enjoy a rather different living experience, as they might come in various interesting shapes to surprise your eyes. They must be in Aruba style or arched roof, etc. Aruba-style prefab home usually has one floor and requires more area as the rooms are all lined up, saving the troubles of walking upstairs and downstairs, so you don’t have to worry about children running on the stairs or grandparents’ wheelchairs problem. Aruba-style is also used as a sunroom, near the swimming pool, or an office, or just any place to relax for a while.

If you would like an arched-style prefab home, which makes your small prefab house more like a birdhouse and your children will like it a lot. It would be a completely different experience to live in a home-like those they saw in the cartoon. Noted that it’s also true that more difficult design comes in large budges.

Modern Style Prefab Homes

As the name is, modern style prefab homes are designed for modern style housing. Different from a traditional house, it mainly features minimal lines and wide-open inside space, allowing for more open space for air and sunshine. Most of it features clean lines and a concise design. You can have oversized windows to invite more sunshine. Of course, it enjoys more aesthetics.
For modern style prefab homes, you can have more flexible choices, such as a master bedroom or even a suite for the first floor, and a big living room with a TV. For the second floor, you can design it into a few bedrooms or guest rooms. If your second floor has some open space available, you can even try an open bar for a barbecue or a reading area for cozy Sunday afternoons.

Let's Help You

Within a limited budget under $50k, there are quite limited choices and require a few flexible designs. If the conflict between your design and budge troubles you or more you want to know about small prefab homes, let us know what we can help you with.

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