Tips to Select Sliding Patio Doors

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Tips to Select Sliding Patio Doors

One of the best home remodeling decisions you can make for your home is to install sliding patio doors. With so many manufacturers and suppliers, materials, and types of sliding patio door glass available in the market, the decision of what sliding door to take home with you can be stressful.

Read on because this article explains important tips for selecting sliding patio doors from how to choose one that is best for your home, materials to consider, and other options available to the benefits of choosing sliding doors.

How to Choose Sliding Patio Door Glass

Apart from knowing the size of the door, the sliding patio door glass is another important aspect you have to pay keen attention to. Glass makes up a large part of a sliding door. Do you want Low-E glass, tinted glass, or a double-pane?


Federal building codes require that window and door panels are made of tempered glass for security reasons. Unlike normal glass, tempered glass breaks into small pieces which is safer than breaking into large pieces.

Energy efficiency

Another thing to consider is energy efficiency. You should consider buying glass with the highest low-e rating. This type of glass prevents heat loss during winter and cold weather. The reflective glass also prevents the absorption of heat into the house when it is hot.


For insulation, you should consider the number of panes on your glazing. In cold climates, single pane glass is insufficient. Double and even triple-pane glass comes in handy to keep out the. Multi-pane glass is infused with glass in between the glazing and air being a poor conductor, it would prevent heat loss hence maintaining warmer temperatures in the house interior. Consider your local area’s climatic conditions before deciding on single, double, or triple-pane sliding patio door glass.

What Kind of Materials does Sliding Patio Door Frame Have

Sliding patio door frame materials vary. The choice can be guided by style and functionality needs as well as your budget.

The options for sliding patio door frames include wood, vinyl, and fiberglass.


Wood is elegant and offers a variety of aesthetics. Different types of wood have unique grain patterns and colors. A wooden sliding door frame is a luxurious addition to your home although it may cost you a little bit more compared to other materials. Wood also requires maintenance like stain and vanishing and is highly susceptible to weather damage.


You could consider fiberglass to mimic the look of wood if you are looking to save a few bucks but enjoy the positive qualities offered by wood.


A less superior sliding door frame material is vinyl. Vinyl may look good and is easily affordable to most people as it is the cheapest of all sliding door frame materials. However, vinyl is less durable as it can crack when subjected to impact. Constant expansion and contraction in caching weather temperature can also lead to breakage.


Metal options are also available in aluminum and steel but are mostly used on tracks.

Other Options and Upgrades

Sliding patio doors can also be made with slight variations on the panes and frames to make them. The options include:

● Double-pane windows with sliding blinds

● All-weather glass and storm glass

● Decorative glass and matching side window panes

● Hurricane-rated laminated glass

● Energy-efficient glass

Sliding Patio Door Benefits

Allows a lot of light in If you are one of those people who treasure natural lighting, then you cannot miss out on sliding patio doors. Sliding doors bring in a ton of sunlight to brighten your interiors and enhance the feeling of freshness.

● Sliding doors open up interiors and make a space feel larger.

Because of the streamlined build and the light, they let, a smaller space can feel bigger and airier. Since they do not need an allowance for swinging, you can be sure that your door will not be knocking on furniture or blocking the way.

● Sliding doors also connect the indoors and outdoors without completely closing off one space from the other.

There is a very smooth transition from maybe your living room to your patio. This outdoor-indoor living is quite convenient and allows you to use your patio for multiple uses. You can set your dining table on the patio and during the weekend the same space could serve as an entertainment area.

● Sliding doors are a must-have for most modern house designs.

They are considered elegant and are indeed aesthetically pleasing. They effortlessly attract many homebuyers. So, if you are planning a renovation for the main purpose of selling your home, plan to replace your patio doors with sliding doors.

● When it comes to energy efficiency, sliding doors are considered superior.

Most companies ensure they use high-quality and Low-E glass for the doors so that it reflects away extra heat from outside and maintain the warm inside during chilly days. Sliding doors also minimize air penetration.

French Doors- Another Good Choice

French doors are another excellent option for patio doors. They equally connect the indoors with your indoors and allow enough natural lighting into your indoors. Instead of running along tracks, they swing inwards or outdoors. You might need a little more space for opening the door. With French doors, you can open one panel and leave the other closed when the weather is cold. When it is warmer or there are a lot more people who need to use the door, like when you host a few friends for an outdoor party or get together. One more advantageous thing about French doors that makes them a superior option is the framing that offers good security.

Choosing a sliding patio door no longer has to be hectic with this guide. Just decide what kind of glass you would like and the frame material. You can also consider other available options. Be sure to talk to a sliding patio door expert near you so that they advise you on the best choices for your house design, space, climate, and budget.

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