What Are Steel Frame Prefabricated Homes?

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What Are Steel Frame Prefabricated Homes?

As prefabricated homes (prefab homes) are getting trendy, they can be made of various materials with different performances. Prefab homes provide you with a secure home with less time and less money and delicate design. Many home buyers are thinking about what materials are good for making a good prefab home. If so, you definitely want to know more about steel frame prefab homes. Will it be a smart investment for my future home?

The Pros and Cons of Steel Frames Prefab Homes

It’s always to know the pros and cons of the kind of prefab homes before making your decisions. Steel is strong and durable, so it is good to provide the essential element —a secure framework—for your prefab homes. It can withstand strong winds or stormy and that is what a secure and strong home requires. With its metal property, steel can remove your worry about mold, fungus, or termites, which truly provides with you an insect-free home. Steel is waterproof, so it can resist fire and water damage, making your home safer. Steel is excellent for frames of prefab homes. Besides, steel is low-maintenance and lasts for years. Last but not least, steel frame prefab homes, like other prefab homes, take shorter times to assemble in your job sites.

However, the disadvantage is that—steel, as it’s a metal, has poor insulation and low energy efficiency. That means to keep a cool home in summers and a warm home in winters, you will have to pay more bills. All in all, its advantages much outweigh its disadvantages.

Steel Frame Prefab Home Designs

Unlike wooden prefab homes, which provide a rustic touch for a prefab home, steel frame prefab homes are modern and brighter. Since steel doesn’t rot or mold, your home will always look clean and new in the coming years, which is a great benefit that other kinds of prefab homes cannot provide. What’s more, steel frame prefab home designs are versatile and you will have more different designs, making your house unique and stylish for now or even in the coming years.

Steel Frame Kits

Steel frame kits are made in the factory according to your agreed design with the manufacturers and they are easy to be assembled at your job site. They are lightweight, you will need a very short time to get them finished for a small home or form a bigger home if you want. Most of the companies can provide customized kits to allow you to design your own steel frame home design. All you need to do is discuss with your manufacturers and see how many options they are able to offer and let them know what exactly you are looking for.

Steel Frame Prefab Materials

For centuries, people have built houses with different materials, most of which are wood, steel, concrete, and others. Each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Selecting materials for homes can be involved many elements, like climates, energy efficiency, and local housing styles. Wood is close to nature and owns the benefits of look and energy efficiency while it can rot and require regular maintenance. Steel is a good material for frame prefab homes, for it’s strong and lightweight and barely has zero maintenance. Steel is strong and lightweight, looking modern.

Steel Frame Prefab Building Process

To assemble a steel frame prefab home is not going to take a long time, since much of the job has already been done in the factory. It will take one or two months to assemble your prefab home at the job sites. The smaller the home is, the shorter time it will be and vice versa. Although some manufacturers recommend that you could assemble your prefab homes with a few neighbors’ help, you still need a professional team for stable assembly in situations like this is the first you buy a steel frame prefab home or you have no practical idea of assembling a home.


For a steel frame prefab home, most manufacturers offer good customized service to allow you to design your own style of home, making your home secure and unique. You can have your ideas heard and let them become real in your coming new homes, and accept some suggestions from your manufacturers if you also agree with their ideas.

Construction Time

The construction time of steel frame prefab homes is shorter, as most of the work is ready-made before their delivery. A traditional home might take over a year to build while steel frame prefab homes will need 3 to 4 months for assembly. That’s because many of the kits have been done in the factory and all the rest work needed is to assemble at the job sites. Since most prefab homes are more small homes than big projects, the construction time is never a problem.


Although prefab homes are known for a cheaper price, the cost of steel frame prefab homes is higher than wooden prefab homes. Averagely, the cost will be $ 20 to $ 70 per square foot. That is a price range that is much lower than a traditional home. Cost does play a key role in deciding whether to go for a steel frame prefab home or a wooden prefab house, but it is not the only element. With everything considered, you are more likely to make a smart choice for your future home.

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