What Is Considered a Standard Sliding Glass Door Size?

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What Is Considered a Standard Sliding Glass Door Size?

A sliding door is usually considered a great way to let air and sunlight into your home without disrupting any design elements. A great time to install sliding doors is when you are building a new home or remodeling your home.

There are various sizes available for sliding doors, and it can be difficult to figure out which size works best for your space.

Keep on reading to better understand sliding glass doors and how to find the perfect size for your home.

What is the Standard Sliding Door Size?

The door frames are measured to fit a standard size in most homes so that you can easily replace a door when needed. The classic sliding glass door comes about 80-inches high and 60 to 72 inches wide. The size varies on the available space. In the case of sliding glass doors, two sections are considered.

1. A fixed glass panel

2. A sliding glass panel

3. Three door panels, custom made

These are some of the most common sizing options available.

Two-Panel Sliding Glass Doors

The two-panel sliding glass doors are 80 inches tall, whereas the width of these doors may vary. The door size will be half of the width as it will open halfway. The width of the entire unit is the part that you walk through.

The two-panel sliding doors come in the following sizes.

60 inches, or 5 feet

72 inches, or 6 feet

96 inches, or 8 feet

Three-Panel Sliding Glass Doors

Three-panel sliding glass doors are more common than two-panel sliding glass doors.

The standard width of these doors is:

108 inches, or 9 feet

144 inches, or 12 feet

Sliding Glass Door Heights

Besides the 80-inch standard height, the most common sliding door heights include:

82 inches, or 6 feet 10 inches

96 inches, or 8 feet


Many different factors determine the cost of sliding doors.

● The size of the door determines the expense of the door. The larger the door, the more expensive it is.

● The materials used in making the door and frame determine the expense.

● Any upgrades you wish to incorporate (textures, patterns, colored glass, special hardware requirements) will also affect the cost.

● The framing material and hardware also significantly impact the expense.

The standard (80-in x 60-in) two-panel sliding glass doors are the most affordable option.

Sliding doors should be considered an investment when building or remodeling a house. A sliding door adds value and functionality to your house and can impress buyers in the future. Depending on your budget, it is a great idea to build a custom sliding door for your home early on so that you don't have to replace the smaller ones in a couple of years.

Building custom sliding glass doors- we are here for you!

We are here to provide top-of-the-line services, ensuring that you have the custom glass door solutions and state-of-the-art sliding glass doors you have always dreamt of. With our seasoned technicians, we provide homeowners with the opportunity to bring their dreams to life.

Replace the old sliding doors and glass panes with our stunning custom-made sliding glass doors that perfectly suit your needs.

Safety is of utmost importance to us. We provide safe, tempered glass that is perfectly fitted for doors and ensures that there are no sharp, jagged pieces for you to worry about in an accident.

There are many benefits of investing in glass sliding doors, and one of them is that you can use Low-E glass, which is known to block harmful UV rays which can damper carpets, furniture, and other facets of your home. Feel at ease within the confines of your home with just the right glass for your sliding glass doors.

Moreover, the textured glass solutions provide an additional level of privacy alongside the Insulated glass units (IGUs), also known as double-pane windows that can significantly improve your energy efficiency.

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