What Type of Material is Best for My Screen Door?

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What Type of Material is Best for My Screen Door?

Everyone loves to enjoy a mild and peaceful day with the fans running and the windows and doors open. The problems start when all those pesky bugs that love the mild weather as much as you do want to spend their day inside your house. That is when you need to have a way to keep them out. This is where screens become such a crucial factor between you enjoying your day and being plagued by insects.

We will be discussing why we think that everyone should have a screen door, how having a screen door can benefit you, the different types, and the best materials for screen doors. We will be covering the ins and outs of screen doors so that when you are ready to open your house to the mild weather you will be prepared.

Benefits of Screen Doors

There are many benefits to having screen doors. They provide benefits in everything from visual appeal to security. A screen door becomes more than just a door on the exterior of your home, it becomes the shield from insects, the portal for fresh air to enter your home on a nice day, the locked door that helps keep intruders away, and a place for warm sunshine to enter and fill your home with light.

Aesthetics- A screen door can freshen up the front of your home. Having a new, tasteful design of a screen door can provide you with a new style or statement that your home has been begging for. Or you can benefit from a very sleek model that does not detract from the current beauty of your home while still providing you with the added benefits of having a screen door.

Ventilation- Having a screen door can actually save you money. In the comfortable months of spring and fall when you find yourself amid a mild temperature day you can open your door and allow the air to cycle through your home. This can save you money on your heating and cooling costs as you are letting the nice air circulate through your home.

Types of Screen Doors

Screen doors come in many varieties of colors, styles, colors, and designs. This gives you the ability to match the screen door to your style and home style choices.

Classic screen door- We all have memories of a screen door when we were young. The classic screen door with the wooden frame, and spring that slam closed once it is released, with that timeless slamming sound.

Retractable screen doors- These are popular for people who looking for a seamless look. It will give you all the same benefits as any other screen door, but the screen rolls up into a canister at the edge of the door frame, so you don’t have to worry about it being in your way daily.

Pivoting screen door- These screen doors will pivot on a small rod instead of using the traditional hinge system that most of us would expect.

Sliding screen door- These are commonly added to sliding glass doors due to the fact that they work on a similar premise. They will have tensile springs or a roller system on the tracks that will help the door slide open and closed.

Best Materials for Screen Doors

Whenever you decide to purchase your screen door you will have an important decision to make, what material should it be made from. You will need to consider what your goals are for the screen door. Such as if you live by the ocean then you will want a corrosive-free one and you want visibility then maybe the glass is the option that you should consider.

Wood- Most of us may remember the old wooden screen door at our parents or grandparents’ back door, but this is all new. You even have the option now of choosing which wood type you would like to use. Fir, oak, poplar, and mahogany are some of the most popular choices. Each one offers its own unique traits to choose from.

Glass- Glass screen doors are popular; they can be seen covering people's front doors all across America. This is a metal-framed screen door with a panel of plastic laminate covering it. This is popular for back doors, patios, and entryways.

Aluminum- Aluminum is a very popular option because it does not rust or sag and its superb quality of holding onto the paint. The most commonplace to see these will be in sliding glass door screens. Aluminum is also a popular option for making the screen itself

Metal- Metal such as bronze and copper are very resilient to the salty air near the ocean. This makes these metals options to use if you live in an environment where you will be faced with excessive rust and corrosion.

Stainless Steel- Stainless steel is an excellent choice if you are planning on installing or replacing a screen door. It is one of the strongest materials on the list making it one of the most secure doors, also if it is used as the screen material it will last a very long time without showing rust, de, cay, or signs of age.

Vinyl- This is a popular option because of its ability to help maintain the temperature in the space that it is connected to. It is also a very durable option which makes it an excellent option if you have pets that will try to claw their way back into your home.

Fiberglass- Fiberglass is one of the best options, it only has one downside, which is that over time fiberglass will tend to fade.

Plastic- This is also a very popular option due to its low price. Plastic screens are very flexible and withstand the UV rays without fading over time.

Final Thoughts

Having a screen door is can be just what your home needs. Being able to open the door and let some mild air temperatures in while keeping all those annoying bugs at. Take a good long look at your house today and decide if your home needs a screen door.

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