What Type of Material is the Best for My Casement Window?

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What Type of Material is the Best for My Casement Window?

Have you considered the age or current efficiency of your windows? If you have the old wood-framed windows, are they in good repair, has the glazing begun to fall off, do you have storm windows to make up for the single pane, are there cracked panes of glass? If they are vinyl windows, how old are they? Everything wears out eventually and becomes less efficient. Installing new windows will completely change the look of your home, increase its efficiency, and give you new styling options. Once you decide it is time to update your windows, you will need to decide on if and where you want casement windows and what you want the windows' material to be.

Have you ever heard of a casement window?

Casement windows are traditionally hinged on the top and bottom that a crank can open to an absolute position. There is more than one type of casement window that you will need to know.

Single frame casement window- Is made of a single frame with a single pane of glass that is divided to make it appear that it is more than one window.

Double frame casement windows- These are also called French casement windows. Two separate panels are open and close to meet each other, like a French door.

Push-out casement window- These windows have a handle and are pushed open instead of using a crank to open the window. These can come as single or double-frame casements.

What are the Material Options for Casement Windows?

Casement windows have several different options for the material used to construct the frame. Each one will have its advantages as well as its disadvantages.


Wood window frames can be made from any wood you can imagine, which gives the colors and textures endless possibilities. Wood frames can give your windows an elegant look that is impossible with other materials. They are incredibly durable, give your room a unique look, are cheap to maintain, and can last a long time if treated correctly.

The downside to wood frames is the same as you would expect from anything wood. They will be susceptible to moisture and insects. If you hope to get a long life from this material, it will have to be maintained correctly.


Vinyl is an artificial material with qualities that make it an excellent choice for windows. It is just as durable as wood, but it does not have to be repainted or resealed as wood does. That makes it even cheaper to maintain than its wooden counterpart. It is also just as good of an insulator as vinyl, except that you can add spray foam around the edges of the vinyl windows, which will raise its insulation value even higher than wood.

The downside of using vinyl for your windows is that it can only get so cold before it begins to have problems. If the place where you live is located in an area where temperatures drop below 14 degrees Fahrenheit, the vinyl can become brittle and get damaged if it is not appropriately handled.


Steel has been rising in popularity in the last several years because steel casement windows last for a long time. Steel windows are very versatile and highly durable. They have virtually no maintenance cost.

One of the only downsides of steel is that it has the potential to rust. That means that tropical climates are more than likely off-limits. If you live near the ocean, where the saltwater can affect the metal, it will rust it much faster than it otherwise should.


Have you considered glass casement windows? These are very versatile in their design and have the opportunity to last decades if they are well maintained. There may never be a reason that you have to worry about mold, rot, or rust as they are made of glass.

However, they are very fragile. You will have to make sure that you never apply too much pressure against the glass. If a crack ever begins to form, you will have to have a professional come and inspect it before an accident occurs, which could injure someone.


Aluminum casement windows are becoming far more popular in the window world. Aluminum is very durable, can be painted whatever color you want, and comes in all shapes and sizes. If the aluminum casement windows are installed correctly in a mild climate, they will be able to last for hundreds of years.

The biggest problem you will have with aluminum is that it absorbs temperatures very quickly. That means that it will be harder to maintain the temperature in your home if you install aluminum windows.


Metal casements are a fan favorite amongst the window world. They are incredibly durable and can last hundreds of years if they are made of high-quality metal and are correctly installed.

The problem with the metal-framed windows is that they will rust if not maintained properly. You should reconsider these windows if you live in a coastal location due to the increased chances of rust. If your windows begin to show signs of rust, repairing them at the beginning should be enough to stop them in their tracks.


Fiberglass is quickly taking over the field of window casement. It is incredibly durable, can handle extreme heat and cold, doesn't mold, can last for decades, and even replicate wood grain. Fiberglass casement windows are relatively low-cost on the maintenance portion, and they are durable enough not to have to worry during installation about a breakage.

Fiberglass has very few downfalls. The biggest one is the price can be very high. It is costly to install fiberglass windows, but you get a top-shelf product that may be able to last you a lifetime.

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