What Types of Prefab Homes Can You Get under $20k?

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What Types of Prefab Homes Can You Get under $20k?

Affordable housing is of importance when many people now have financial problems in buying houses for increasing families. You may have heard that prefab homes are cheaper and take a shorter time to assemble, or other benefits, and are considering having one. The question is: what types of prefab homes can you get for under $20k? Prefab homes indeed provide affordable pricing, but a budget under $20k is quite challenging. With tight budgets, you naturally have limited choices. Luckily, there are some manufacturers of prefab homes offering some good homes with expected high quality and performance.

Manufacturers That Provide Prefab Homes under $20k

Here are some manufacturers (or retailers) that can provide affordable prefab homes under $ 20k with good quality. Some might be a little over $ 20k while some require less, and it all depends on your individual home design in the end.

Jamaica Cottage Shop

Jamaica Cottage Shop is a company that offers various kinds of prefab homes, which you can check on its website. You can select from house categories to in-stock inventory to their featured products. The company, a manufacturer and retailer, was founded in 1995, having experience in making and shipping prefab homes internationally for over 20 years. The company is good at making wooden prefab homes or tiny houses. Jamaica Cottage Shop offers a 2-year warranty and highly customized service for you to work closely with your contractors. What’s more, there are some FAQs on its website to help you with some questions you might want to know their responses.

BOSS Tiny House

Boss Tiny House is committed to offering tiny home kits with advanced technology and affordable price. The company provides different kinds of tiny houses, from which one can choose to have a backyard office or a studio, or a one-bed kit, as you can see on its website. Those tiny houses can also be a game room or an office or other usages. Besides, the company also offers a custom-built service for you to design your tiny house yourself. Boss Tiny House provides 4 to 6 weeks of delivery and a 5-year warranty. What’s more, you can find some videos on its website to help with your installation.

Easy Domes

Easy Domes provides the unique shape of prefab homes, making them attractive and stylish. The company offers various sizes of dome houses, from small to large, with over 30 years of experience in the market. Easy Domes can finish a small project within 6 weeks and longer projects will last for 12 weeks, whose manufacturing period is quite acceptable. The company offers friendly pricing under $20k. If you have a tight budget, Easy Homes will be a good choice for you. As for assembly, it might need 3 men to get a small dome done while a crane will be needed for a larger project. More importantly, all the building materials used are wood and natural product, sustainable and environmentally friendly, which does less harm to the environment.

Bamboo Living

Bamboo Living builds cool houses. As its name suggests, Bamboo living builds prefab homes with bamboo, or rather, wood, featuring a unique and pretty look. The company’s diversified products range from pavilions, and barns to schools and island resorts. Bamboo living has been providing beautiful bamboo prefab houses since 1995 for clients all over the world. Besides, the company is the first and the only company that provides bamboo prefab homes that meet the standard of international codes. With some treatments for bamboo, those prefab homes are able to keep termites or other insects away for now and in the coming years.

Allwood Outlet

Allwood Outlet, a retailer of prefab homes with wood material, is committed to providing a reasonable budget with high quality. You can check the expected products by setting the price range just like the way you usually shop things online. With all the prices listed on the products, you can have a clear idea bout the specifications and according to price. The family-owned business has a history of over 20 years in the market. From its website, you can easily find a lot of useful information that you want to know about prefab homes, such as shipping and delivery, lead time, etc.

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