Why Are Impact Windows Good for Your House?

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Why Are Impact Windows Good for Your House?

When you intend to look into installing windows at your home, you get a lot of options. Different kinds of windows with varying functions are available. When it especially comes down to selecting windows that can resist harsh weather, you get options that make your home an energy-efficient, secure and peaceful place.

One of the most popular home improvement methods is impact windows. In particular, in areas where storms and hurricanes are a severe problem, these impact windows can be of great use. The good part is that protection from harsh weather is just one of the advantages of impact windows. There is a lot more you get with impact windows!

A good question is: are impact windows worth it? To be honest, impact windows are costlier than conventional windows, but their benefits outweigh the high price. They are energy efficient and reduce energy bills and damage costs. Another great part is that it increases the value of your home. So are you still wondering if it is worth it?

Reduce Your Damage Costs

When impact windows are considered, two terms are discussed: Performance Grade (PG) and Design Pressure (DP). This impact window rating measurement scale enables you to decide the degree of storm safety you can get from a specific kind of window.

Design pressure shows the window’s ability to resist wind pressure. This numerical rating takes into account three different factors: structural load, penetration, and air pressure. The higher number on the scale shows the higher resistance level.

To ensure the storm protection efficiency of impact windows, all impact windows are tested through a design pressure test. Consider every ten points in the DP rating to be the equivalent of a hurricane. As a result, a DP rating of 30 should be able to withstand a Category 3 storm, a DP rating of 40 should be able to endure a Category 4, and so on.

What storm protection level you get will be decided by the kind of impact window you choose. All the impact windows have a different rating based on their performance in various areas. The great part is that, whether there is a hurricane or a housebreaking incident, your repair cost will be minimal thanks to your impact windows. Even if, out of the blue, your impact windows undergo damage, they will minimize the chance of injury.

Increase Your Home's Value

Who doesn’t want to increase the property value of their home? Everyone wants to do that. Impact windows are one of the best ways to increase your home's value. Additionally, with impact windows, you can make your home energy efficient and a peaceful place to live in.

Impact windows enhance the overall look of your house and make it more secure and energy-efficient. All of these contribute to making your home an interesting investment for future buyers. Impact windows are seen as a long-term investment that increases the overall home value.

Buyers readily pay higher amounts for homes with impact windows, as these windows provide strong protection against hurricanes and storms. Living in a home with impact windows will ensure the safety of their dear ones. Also, professional impact windows with sound reduction technology contribute to increasing overall home value.

Reduced Energy Bills

Impact windows can help lower your energy bills. Impact windows prevent heat from getting inside your home by blocking ultraviolet (UV) rays. Naturally, your home temperature gets cooler, and you don’t need to run the air conditioner all the time in the summer. Similarly, in the winter, impact windows prevent cold air from slipping away from your home. So when you think about the cost of impact windows, remember that the reduced energy bills are the long-term benefits of impact windows.

Tax Credit Possibility

Another amazing aspect is that you can take advantage of potential tax credits for installing impact windows. In order to meet tax credit, the windows must meet the Energy Star Standards. If your windows meet the energy-star standards, you can ask for a 10% credit for the entire window installation cost.

You don’t need to change every door in your home to use this opportunity for the tax credit.

It can be said that this is a way of giving people a reason to buy more energy-efficient products. After thorough research, if you determine that impact windows are just right for your home, consult professionals regarding the window energy tax credit.

Insurance Advantages

With such high insurance rates, homeowners, particularly those who live in areas susceptible to hurricanes and storms, are always looking for insurance discounts and reasonable damage repair costs. Investing in impact windows saves you here too because with impact windows you can spend less on home insurance.

Many home insurance plans provide discounts to homeowners who improve each of their property's access points. You’ll get a discount by adding shutters or impact glass, but all entry points must be protected. With time, insurance savings could help offset the expense of rising rates. This is particularly critical if you reside in an area where storms are intensifying as a result of a long-term different climatic pattern.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, there are ample advantages to installing impact windows in your home. They provide you with a highly secure and energy-efficient home. Additionally, your property value will increase with impact windows. When you go out there to buy, you’ll find a large variety of these windows. So, before making a decision, search properly and get the one that rightly suits your needs.

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