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Knowledge & Questions

What is a Jalousie window?

Jalousie windows, also known as louvered windows, are windows made up of horizontal slats or glass panes that can be tilted open and closed in unison to control airflow and ventilation. The slats are usually made of glass, metal, or wood.

These windows were quite popular in mid-20th century architecture, particularly in warmer climates, as they provide excellent ventilation while also offering some level of security and privacy when closed. However, their popularity has diminished in recent years due to concerns about energy efficiency and security, as they are typically not as airtight or secure as other types of windows.

Additional details?

Jalousie windows have a unique design that sets them apart from traditional windows. Here are some additional details about them:

  1. Ventilation: One of the key advantages is their ability to provide excellent ventilation. Because the individual slats can be tilted open, they allow air to flow through even when the windows are closed. This feature is particularly beneficial in hot and humid climates, as it helps to keep indoor spaces cool and well-ventilated.

  2. Adjustability: The angle of the slats on the window can be adjusted to control the amount of airflow entering a room. By opening the slats wider or narrower, you can customize the level of ventilation to suit your preferences.

  3. Privacy: When the slats are closed, jalousie louvered windows offer some level of privacy by blocking direct views into the room while still allowing light to enter. However, they are not as effective at providing privacy as solid windows or window treatments like curtains or blinds.

  4. Aesthetic Appeal: Jalousie louvre windows have a distinct aesthetic that can add character to a building's exterior. They are commonly found in mid-century modern and tropical-style architecture, but they can also be used in contemporary designs for a unique look.

  5. Maintenance: While the windows offer benefits in terms of ventilation and aesthetics, they also require more maintenance compared to other types of windows. The individual slats can become dirty or damaged over time, and the mechanism for opening and closing them may require periodic lubrication or repair.

  6. Energy Efficiency: One downside of the windows is that they are typically less energy-efficient than other types of windows, such as double-hung or casement windows. Because they consist of multiple slats, they are prone to air leakage, which can result in higher energy bills, especially in climates with extreme temperatures.

Overall, jalousie louver windows offer a unique combination of ventilation, aesthetics, and functionality, but they may not be the best choice for every situation. It's essential to consider factors such as climate, energy efficiency, and maintenance requirements when deciding whether they are suitable for your home or building.

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