Superhouse Aluminium Sliding Glass Windows with Blinds Bulit- in

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 Superhouse (Jiangsu) Windows System LLC was established in 2005.

  Aluminium Sliding Glass Windows with Blinds Bulit- in


With over 15 years experience in manufacturing aluminum doors&windows, Superhouse has a well earned reputation for quality, service and attention to detail.


Suerhouse team takes pride in the quality of our doors and windows, and being able to deliver solutions to distinct quality, performance and design suitable for complex climate, including hurricane weather.


We have established a team of professional personnel whose task is to ensure all aspects of the consultation, design, production and packing process runs smoothly and efficiently, so as to achieve a quality product at the end of each order. A team with its sights set firmly on the future of living style, and the challenges set before us.





RAW MATERIAL ELECTION Aluminium Sliding Glass Windows with Blinds Bulit- in

In Aluminum Door Window Manufacturing, the quality of raw material is first important thing. In general, we select aluminum profile, glass, hardware and so on, from both China and overseas top suppliers to ensure meeting all customers' high demands. We have build stong and long relationship with top material supplier.

In reality, we received lots of good feedbacks about quality from Superhouse buyers.


Superhouse factory strictly controls every process of doors and windows manufacturing process.Let’s take a look at the types of fabrication processes used in aluminum door and window making.

1) Cutting Aluminium Sliding Glass Windows with Blinds Bulit- in

Cutting is the most common process used I fabrication. In this process, the metal workpiece is split into two or many pieces there are different types of cutting machinery available in the market.

Our Metal cutting is taking place with plasma torches, water jets, lasers machine and other advanced machines.

2) Machining

This process is used to remove the excess material from raw material, this process is done with a lathe machine or three axes machine.

3) Punching                                                                 Aluminium Sliding Glass Windows with Blinds Bulit- in

Punching process is used to convert metal into required shape using die and punching machine.   

4) Assembling&Gluing


Putting aluminum profile parts, glass, hardwares and rubber strip together


 5) QC

For every product, our professional inspector will strictly check it quality to ensure meeting high quality standard. 





We have achieved outstanding results when testing our products to Australian standards AS2047,and CSA American and Canadian Standards. With Azuma Sydney and Intertek China testing laboratory.Our primary International markets are Australia,Canada and USA.We have an on going comitment to testing and accrediting our products to the highest International Standards. And providing our clients with unmatched value.


Aluminium Sliding Glass Windows with Blinds Bulit- in





Superhouse Sliding windows have long been a popular choice by home owners and builders for their excellent functionality and value for money. Because of its easy install and operate features, sliding window plays an important role for a perfect balcony or any space division.



   ♦   Allows one-half of the window space to be opened

   ♦   Easy to add both insect screen ,security screens and aluminum grille

   ♦   Optional configurations to suit your room layout

   ♦   Wider track design with stronger windload Doric Avon.75 Sliding lock performance

   ♦   3mm Chrome plated hook tongue for corrosion protection

   ♦   Zinc handle and keeper provide a high level of security 

   ♦   Symmetrical design, can be used for both left and right handed application

   ♦   Latch and deadlock all in one standard model, offering end users flexible security options.


Aluminium Sliding Glass Windows with Blinds Bulit- in   

Aluminium Sliding Glass Windows With Blinds Bulit-In
comply with AS2047,NFRC,CSA
Glass Standard
Comply with AS2208
Customed,Matt black;white;clear anodized;nature clean aluminium
  Surface finishment   Powder coating,Anodized,Electrophoresis,Fluorine cabon coaring
  Flynet options
Stainless steel mesh,aluminium grill,Fiber glass,retractable flyscreen
Coating Thickness   
60-120 miu
Place of Origin
Shanghai, China (Mainland)






Aluminium Sliding Glass Windows with Blinds Bulit- in The surface of doors and windows are protected with protective film, and the four corners of each door and window shall be bound with cardboard.


Board or drum membrane soft material shall be used to separate the shell from the shell to prevent the wear and crushing of hardware between doors and windows.


It shall be tied tightly on the carriage with rope to prevent bumping damage and ensure that the product geometry remains unchanged and the surface is intact.


  Packing Discription
 Step 1

  Iron pallets have the rubber and Taps wrapped to avoid collision damage;

 Step 2

  All Frames surface with protective tapes to avoid scratching;

 Step 3

  Labels will put onto ervery windows and pallts for you to easy find out

 Step 4

  The aluminum strips to enhance windows and doors on iron pallets ;

 Step 5

  PE films cover around pallets to keep clean;

 Step 6

  Tie up iron pallets in container with durable plastic belts;

 Step 7

  Fill the space between pallets with air bags to ensure the stable.






Superhouse exported doors windows to more than 30 countries.Over the past years,dedication to innovation has grown the company into one of the China's leading window manufacturers.Based in Shanghai, China, Superhouse offers proudly its comprehensive products and thoughtful service worldwide. 

Aluminium Sliding Glass Windows with Blinds Bulit- in

Aluminium Sliding Glass Windows with Blinds Bulit- in

Aluminium Sliding Glass Windows with Blinds Bulit- in






Here please allow me to show our to show our advantages:


   ♦  manufacturer with 10 years and real factory verified by BV cmpany from France

   ♦  Aprroved testing to Australia Standard AS2047 by AZUMA & Intertek Lab.

   ♦  Member of Australia Window Associtation

   ♦  Interpon Powder Coating System on all aluminium products

   ♦  Doric hardware and Germany hardware with 10 years warranty. 

   ♦  Reynaers Aluminium System Brand Partner

   ♦  Industry Standard installation process for specific construction methords

   ♦  Patent subframe design for double brick construction for increased installation efficency.

   ♦  Access to Australia & Chinese designers/Engeneers to provide complete project solutions 

   ♦  Cyclone rated windows and doors system with tested and approved glazing.

   ♦  Windows Energy Rating System(WERS) Available.

   ♦  After sales service & support in Australia. By acredited Superhouse agent.

   ♦  Main market are for Australia,USA, Canada with high quality


Aluminium Sliding Glass Windows with Blinds Bulit- in

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