Superhouse Hot sale disinfection machine disinfection tunnel
Superhouse Hot sale disinfection machine disinfection tunnel
Superhouse Hot sale disinfection machine disinfection tunnel
Superhouse Hot sale disinfection machine disinfection tunnel
Superhouse Hot sale disinfection machine disinfection tunnel
Superhouse Hot sale disinfection machine disinfection tunnel

Superhouse Hot sale disinfection machine disinfection tunnel

About Our Factory

Shanghai Superhouse Building Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all types of aluminum doors and windows with 10 years warranty. We are one of the few suppliers in China who has got the authentic AS2047 certificate from SaiGlobal and meanwhile we are the member of Australia Window Association. We have ten years of history in manufacturing and exporting aluminum windows to Australia.

As a energetic and innovative manufacturer, Superhouse has developed our own window system-SP100 series with Australia architect, which are comparable with Australian leading window systems, widely used in large commercial and residential buildings in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

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This year, our new factory opened. Annual production capability reaches 100,000 square meters of windows, and 55% are exported to Australia, 45% to USA, Canada and other developed countries. Our company has always focused on research, development and innovation, recently we have developed bullet proof windows.

Superhouse Production Capacity Increasing

Superhouse people also have continuously tried to improve product quality, introducing European high-end system to serve customer who pursue ultimate energy saving and sound insulation purpose. Our company regards “Quality is our culture” as our tenet. We hope to cooperate with more customers for mutual development and benefits.

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We welcome all potential buyers to contact us. Our trade assurance service will provide your business with full protection for product quality and on-time shipment.

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Product Description

Hot sale disinfection machine disinfection tunnel

Temperature measure & hand disinfect & 360 degrees body disinfect
Company Profie
Details for Detamination sanitizer Q&A

Technical support
1).We will provide a User's Guide along with our product, it will give step by step instruction of installation and
clearexplanation of how the machine works and what each part’s name and function.
2).We provide emergency online support solution via email, wechat or what’s up. Clients can reach us during the working hours and
talk to our technical guys directly or send us the question with photos or videos off working hours and our staffs will answer
your question as the first thing when they start work.

Our warranty is one year including all parts. We will send new parts to replace the defects within one year. Facetime instruction
for replacement will apply when it is necessary.

The maintenance of this equipment is only general maintenance. The surface cleaning maintenance and periodic inspections are
carried out on a monthly basis. The specific maintenance content and method will be described more in the user’s guide.

Replacement of the liquid
Replacing the disinfectant is very easy, just open the cap and refill the liquid to marked level and done. More details are
showing in the user’s guide.
Important: Do not use 84 disinfectant (strongly corrosive) and alcohol disinfectant (atomized flammable and explosive), the
preferred type of disinfectant is hypochlorous acid disinfectant (food grade).

Ingredients of liquid sanitizer
Diluted solution of hypochlorous acid (food grade)
Demo for the operate the determination sanitizer...

CE certificate


1. 360 degree body disinfection
2. Food grade disinfection liquid

Hypochlorous acid characteristics
1. Fast sterilization and good effect.
2. It has strong deodorizing power and belongs to oxidation and decomposition of odor, which can instantly decompose odor gases,such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.
3. It has high safety and has been proved to be normal by skin irritation test, eye irritation test, drinking water test and spray inhalation test.
4. Decomposition and removal of allergens in cockroach feces and pet dander.
5. It can oxidize the toxic substances in PM2.5.
6. Able to disinfect and deodorize in the space where people are.
7. Environmental protection, it will decompose after reacting with organic matter or after being irradiated with ultraviolet
rays,no residue is generated, and there is no load on the environment.
8. Non-contact temperature measurement, safer
9. Fully automatic and labor-saving
10. The equipment is mobile, easy to install, plug and play
11. Can be upgraded to outdoor unit, with box and rollers

Who can use it.
Medical and health institutions, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and other public places, food
processing,restaurants, families and other occasions.
It can disinfect the air, hands, surface and fabrics, fruits and vegetables, tableware, and secondary water supply facilities
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Q: What is your main product?

A: We can supply the window system (including profile, hardware, accessories, glass) or the finished products ready for installation.


Q: How can I know your price?

A: The pricing is based on the buyer's specific requirement, so please provide the below information to help us quote the exact price to you.

  • Shop drawing/window schedule to show the window dimensions, quantity, and type; 
  • Frame color; 
  • Type of glass and thickness (single or double or laminated or others) and color (clear, tinted, reflective, Low-E or others, with Argon or without).


Q: What is the standard size of your windows and doors?

A: Our product is CUSTOMER MADE. We always manufacture windows and doors according to the buyer's dimensions.


Q: What is your delivery time?

A: 38 days after deposit and drawing confirmed


Q: What is your standard color for aluminum frames?

A: Powder coating (Frost black and Sliver grey)


Q: What are your payment terms?

A: Normally, 30% - 50% of total amount by T/T as deposit and balance before delivery. Irrevocable L/C at sight is also acceptable.


Q: Whether we need to install the glass (onsite glazed), or do your windows come with the glass installed?

A: We will install glass at the factory based on windows/doors dimensions to ensure they can be safe during transportation and easy for our buyer to install the whole windows/doors. Install glass on site is recommended for big-sized products.


Q: What is your warranty? What do we do in case of problems?

A:10 years quality warranty is provided, including frame unfading nor peel-off, hardware, and accessories working properly under correct operation. 10-year warranty for German hardware. In case of our quality problem, we will provide a replacement by international courier. Immediate delivery of replacement parts if available in stock, and if not in stock, the time would depend on material ordering time, usually 10-15 days.


Q: What kind of service will you provide?

A: We can provide the engineering & supervising service to guide the installation of our windows and doors.


Q: Are your products Certificated?

A: Yes, our products meet the Australian standard for now and also we will make our product tested and certificated if you required


Q: Is there a price difference between powder coating and anodizing?

A: No.


Q: What is spectrally selective glazing?

A: Coated or tinted glazing with optical properties that are transparent to some wavelengths of energy and reflective to others. Typical spectrally selective coatings are transparent to visible light and reflect short-wave and long-wave infrared radiation.

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