Superhouse openable adjustable blinds aluminum acrylic vent louvers shutter

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Product Description

openable adjustable blinds aluminum acrylic vent louvers shutter openable adjustable blinds aluminum acrylic vent louvers shutter  


Each column has many diffirent options and customer could combine the way he like to customize his own  personalized aluminum vent louvers.


  1. 6063-T5 high quality thermal break aluminium profile, thickness 1.4-1.6 mm  
  2. 6063-T5 high quality non-thermal break aluminium profiles, thickness 1.4-1.6 mm
  3. PVC/UPVC profiles

  1. Double toughened glazing:5mm+12A+5mm (A:Air);5mm+12A+5mm tinted; 5mm+12A+5mm Low-E; 5mm+27A+5mm 
  2. Single toughened glazing: 3/4/5/6/8/10/12/15/19/21//6.38/11.76mm 
  3. Laminated glazing: 5mm+0.76+5mm, 5mm+0.38+5mm   
  1. German brand: Roto, Siegenia, Geze
  2. Australian brand: Doric
  3. Chinese brand: Kinlong, Zhenjiang
  1. Stainless steel security mesh
  2. Aluminium security mesh
  3. Fiberglass flyscreen
  4. Retractable flyscreen
  1. Powder coating
  2. Anodized
  3. Electrophoresis
  4. Wood grain
  5. Fluorine carbon coating


Product Details


Company Information


Superhouse is a company with full of life and with 10-year experience on aluminium windows & doors' manufacturing in Shanghai China. We have veteran with exquisite workmanship for every doors and windows we make, to serve your house for more than 30 years' longevity

We are one of the few that have the official approved certification for Australian standard AS2047. The license number is SMK40350. Currently, there are many suppliers in China that use fake credentials to pass themselves off as Asutralian approved. Please pay attention to the authenticity of a company, and make sure to check company credentials.

Please check the license NO. on to confirm the authenticity!


Test and Certificate

  openable adjustable blinds aluminum acrylic vent louvers shutter


All of our products are packed as following steps.

We use Iron Pallet instead of wooden pallet, stronger and more stable.

Step 1. Corners are protected by cardboard to avoid collision damage;

Step 2. Frames are wrapped with protective tapes to avoid scratching;

Step 3. Fix windows and doors on iron pallets by metal fixed strip;

Step 4. Reinforce windows & doors with plastic belts;   

Step 5. PE films cover to keep the moisture away;

Step 6. Tie up iron pallets in container with durable plastic belts;

Step 7. Fill the space between pallets with air bags to insure the stable.


With full protection the our products can arrive at your job sites in safe and sound.


Shipping port: Shanghai port.

Delivery Time: 15-38 days sinve the order confirmation.





Preject A: One 28 levels building,the highest building in Parramatta Sydney at present,

                including shopping mall,fitness club and residential.

Project B: One 6 levels building,located in Luanda,the capital of Angola,it has shopping mall

                and offices


  openable adjustable blinds aluminum acrylic vent louvers shutter openable adjustable blinds aluminum acrylic vent louvers shutter

Customer Visiting

We provide professional suggestions on profile and glazing adoption if you are the first time to purchase windows or doors. Diffirent regions have diffirent climatic characters, and the treatment on profile or glazing should be diffirent to meet its diversity, it concerns the longevity of windows or doors, and each function of erergy absorbing & saving .

Superhouse products have 10 years quality guarantee. Once you got a problem window or door during the warranty period, contact the local Superhouse store for exchanging a new. 


Here are some frequent questions that customers asked while purchasing the windows & doors, hope the answers could help you to have your right eyes for your house!


1. What is spectrally selective glazing?

A coated or tinted glazing with optical properties that is transparent to some wavelengths of energy and reflective to others. Typical spectrally selective coatings are transparent to visible light and reflect short-wave and long-wave infrared radiation.   


2. What is insulated glass?

This term applies to two or more panes of glass separated by insulation at the edges and air in the centre to provide greater thermal efficiency to a window.      


3. What is gas filled glass?

An inert gas, usually argon, is sealed between the panes of glass in a window instead of air. Gas is a better insulator than air, increasing the thermal value of the window.                      


4. What is AS2047?

It is the mandatory minimum specification for windows and doors used in Australia it includes compliance to the Glass Standard AS 1288.

The following performance tests are undertaken to verify product performance claims.

-AS 4420.2 Deflection Test - positive and negative wind pressures are applied to the face of the window to test the maximum deflection under wind load.

-AS 4420.3 Operating Force Test - to verify that an opening sash is capable of opening and closing without undue effort.

-AS 4420.4 Air Infiltration Test - the air leakage of a window is tested to ensure energy and acoustic efficiency.

-AS 4420.5 Water Penetration Resistance Test - this test is designed to ensure no water leaks through the window into the building.

-AS 4420.6 Ultimate Strength Test - negative and positive wind pressures are applied to the window to at least 1.5 times the design wind pressure to ensure it does not fail in unusual wind conditions.



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